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Success Stories - Real Results, from Real Patients!


"I have never met anyone that loves to improve their knowledge in becoming an expert at what they do like Dr. Malcolm Conway. Doc will completely educate you on what's going on with your body. He has worked on my Knees' Hamstrings, Ankles, IT Bands, Butt, Feet, and still calls me his friend...LOL!!!

After my NFL career, Dr. Conway continued to be the same caring person that he was when I played. I believe that "GOD" has truly blessed him with a talent and skill to help heal people’s body with almost his thumbs alone.
I don't just use Dr. Conway, or recommend Professional Athletes from around the world to work with him, but more importantly...I call him a "True Friend". Knowing Dr. Conway since 2000, he has continued to bring value to every individual(s) he has come in contact with. Please read his book, because his experience with athletes cannot be measured. If you knew what I knew you would hire Dr. Malcolm Conway today!!!"

- Leonard Wheeler, NFL: Carolina Panthers

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MCL Tear


"I took a shot to my knee that caused my MCL to tear. I went to see Dr. Conway two days after it happened and he had me at full range of motion within three hours. Even through words I can't quite explain how much Dr. Conway's treatments have helped me. There is nothing like it anywhere else. He is the REAL DEAL!"

- Justin Sands, University of Albany: Football


 Hamstring Injury

"During the track season, I pulled my hamstring and was forced to miss the end of the season.  After this, I had been rehabbing my hamstring for 2½ months. It seemed to be getting better, but then remained where it was at, not allowing me to run like I used to. I then began to doubt if I would ever be able to run like I had been running before the injury.

This is when I contacted Dr. Conway. After only 1 hour of his treatment, there was a noticeable difference in my hamstring. After the 4th treatment, I was able to sprint on my leg again like I used to. Thanks to Dr. Conway and his rehab staff, I am again able to compete at the level of competition that I desire. I have placed 5th at the Pennsylvania Indoor State Championships, 7th in Eastern States Championships, and 26th in the National Indoor Championships."

- Cody Schovitz, University of Pennsylvania: Track & Field

Hip and Leg Pain

"I had been suffering from severe pain in my hip and right leg for ten years. Throughout this time, I went to see doctors, physicians, sports physicians and many other medical professionals. I had numerous x-rays, MRI's, and other tests, but no doctor or test could figure out the problem, let alone ease my pain and correct the problem. After seeing Dr. Conway, my pain was totally gone after 3-4 visits. I would simply say that Dr. Conway's treatments work!   Dr. Conway and his treatments are amazing!"

- Jason Kalbach

Sports Training Program

"By getting restrictions out of my body, I was able to run, jump and move faster, higher and better. My forty-yard dash went from 4.54 consistently to 4.40 consistently. Not because of any miracles but by freeing up areas in my body that would allow me to perform to my full potential. My broad jump increased from a mere 8 feet 8 inches to a 9 foot 9-inch performance a week later."

- Jason-Collins Baker, University of Cincinnati: Football

Shin Splints

"About two weeks before my district meet for track and field, I developed shin splints. Being a runner, I tried to run through the pain. Unfortunately, pain was too severe and I had to stop running altogether. Having had them before and thinking the only thing I could do to heal them was to rest, I was very disappointed because I knew that would really hurt my chances of performing well at districts. Then I went to see Dr. Conway. He told me he could get me back running in no time. After my first visit, my pain was greatly reduced. By the third visit, I was back running again. I lost only 3 days training and went on to perform successfully at districts thanks to Dr. Conway and his treatments."

- Jessica Jones

Shoulder & Hip Pain

"I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. After 13 years of shoulder pain, and 9 years of pain in my hip, I had forgotten what it is like to be pain-free.

Thanks to your innovative therapy I can honestly say I am completely pain-free. It is incredible to me that you were able to alleviate all of my pain in only 5 sessions. 
Your physical therapy techniques to help me strengthen the injuries are brilliant. They get right to the root of what is really wrong and strengthen the body's core, instead of just putting a band-aid on the injured muscle. I am sure this new form of training and exercise will not only continue to improve my strength but will keep me from re-injury as well. As a fighter, this will give me a great edge over my opponents.

I would recommend anyone to your practice. I plan on continuing to come to you just to learn more of your exercises, even though I'm 100% pain-free. Thank you so much for this gift."                               

Much respect, Chris Ditroia

Low Back Pain

"I am a patient of Dr. Conway since the mid 90's. I went to Dr. Conway because no other physician was able to help me. Every day I had constant discomfort and pain in my lower back and extremities. Dr. Conway was able to provide me with relief within a short time.

Throughout these years, Dr. Conway has used various modalities to help strengthen and improve my body's core structure and I've never felt any discomfort from the treatments. I firmly believe that I would not be as active as I am today without his expertise. 

He and his staff have always been compassionate and professional. Dr. Conway is the best!"

- Maureen Novicki

"I got more for what I bargained for. They take the injury right through the healing process. They don't just stop at the hands on treatment. I can come anytime. I had a problem on a weekend, I was in a lot of pain, and he came in at 7:00 pm. I was impressed with that. I felt that I was the only patient he had. 

He did get me back to square one. Walking, lifting, bending and going back to work and doing my job. I would say, I wouldn't go to anyone else. I say try it, try it, it's no harm, it won't hurt. If it wasn't for Dr. Conway's care I would be a cripple today. I believe in him, I really do. How can I say this, he cared. He cared about me walking and all of the things that I normally do."

- Sylvia Conduff

Neck & Back Pain

"I had neck and back injuries. During the course of my treatment, the pain became less and less. I had good days and bad days. But, I had more good than bad due to my treatment. Before going to Dr. Conway, I was receiving treatment from another chiropractor and there was a total difference. Thank you, Conway Clinic for a speedy recovery."

- Tracey Halloway

Lower Back, Hip Pain, and Arthritis Pain

"I've been experiencing lower back and hip pain for several years. I've been diagnosed as having arthritis in that area. Since I'm unable to take medication for the pain, due to stomach distress, I felt as though I had exhausted my options. The day after an extremely painful episode, I saw Dr. Conway's ad in the newspaper and decided to make an appointment.

He adjusted my back and hips and then prescribed a period of rehabilitation to strengthen that area.
My pain began to lesson over a period of a few weeks. Now when I feel the pain starting, I do my exercises and feel almost immediate relief. Considering that I had had the pain for several years, I was surprised that Dr. Conway was able to help me in so short a period of time. The arthritis doctor told me my only option was to take medication for the pain.

I also had some difficulty extending my right arm and shoulder. Dr. Conway game a piece of flexible rubber and instructions for using it. I'm now able to extend that arm without any discomfort.

Each member of Dr. Conway's staff was courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. I looked forward to my visits. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and I've recommended Dr. Conway to several friends."

- RoseAnn Dunbar

"Finally when I had nowhere else to turn, I was desperate, I treated with Dr. Conway and had wonderful results. My only regret is that, why did I wait so long? All of these years that I was suffering I could have come to Dr. Conway and stop suffering."

- Diane Weighbrecht

"I encourage everyone to see Dr. Conway because the treatment is painless. The treatment at the Conway Clinic is a very professional atmosphere and what are most important are the results. The results were unbelievable to be honest with you. I just didn't believe that I would get to a point where I wouldn't have any pain and now I live a very active and productive life because of Dr. Conway. If it wasn't for Dr. Conway I would be a semi-invalid at this point."

- Joan Turell

Leg Pain, Numbness, and Tingling

"When I first came to Dr. Conway, I had exhausted all other avenues of treatment and was beginning to think I was going to always have pain. My main symptom was back and leg pain, with occasional numbness and tingling right to my toes. The first thing I remember was how nice Dr. Conway and his staff were to me. They were very kind and assuring. I began seeing Dr. Conway 5 times per week. And within three weeks I noticed a big difference in the way I felt, I had significantly, less pain and my attitude had improved.

I was well on my way to recovery; I was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was not taking pain medication anymore! After my symptoms decreased I was put into a rehab program that strengthened my trunk and made my back stronger. After being out of work 6 months, I had returned to work to full duty. I am forever grateful to Dr. Conway for helping me get my life back!"

- Kimberly Zikowski

Chronic Low Back Pain

"I had experienced constant lower back pain for several years before going to see Dr. Conway, he showed me an x-ray to point out where I needed adjustment, and also explained the array of exercises he'd have me do after my first set of adjustments.
While I still get minor aches from sitting awkwardly for too long or being in a car for extended periods of time, my intense pain is gone thanks to Dr. Conway's treatment and the exercises he showed me how to do in my own home. 

My favorite part of the treatment was the exercises we did in the back-room, especially using the different balance boards which are for neuro-muscular activity...plus the butterscotch's!"

- Adam Zucker

 Shoulder Pain & Weakness

"I came to Dr. Conway for relief from a painful and weak shoulder, which limited my range of movement. After one visit to Dr. Conway's Clinic, his unique form of treatment showed immediate results. Pain and weakness were lessened and the range of movement showed some increase.

After a few short weeks of treatment and therapy, my shoulder was back to normal. I especially like Dr. Conway's techniques in both treatment and therapy which lend itself to quick results. I have total confidence in Dr. Conway's treatments and would recommend his clinic, and have, to anyone interested."

- Fred Licata

Severe Low Back Pain

"When I came in to see Dr. Conway I was experiencing severe lower back pain and numbness going down my legs. The doctor set up an exercise program with his physical therapy staff for me. I started seeing improvement within 2 weeks or so and noticing my muscle getting stronger. Now I experience no pain or numbness in my legs. I never minded having to come to his office whether it would be for physical therapy appointment or a re-exam because the doctor and his staff are so nice and friendly. They can help you no matter what questions you might have. Now I experience no pain or numbness in my legs. I am extremely happy that I came to see Dr. Conway with my problem. He helped me get back to work and everyday life I was used to."

- Francis Teresavage

Sports Injury 

"Dr. Conway applied his knowledge and techniques in sports medicine and chiropractic care to relieve me from pain. The results were fast. I strongly feel that if I didn't choose rehab with Dr. Conway that my road to recovery would have been much longer. Perhaps this is why I trust in my Chiropractor, my friend, Dr. Conway for fifteen years."

- Bernard Dziedzic, RRT

Chronic Gymnastic Injuries

"I would like to start out by thanking you and your staff for the outstanding job you do at your sports clinic. Your understanding of the human body and how to heal it from sports-related injury is an outstanding wealth of information and immeasurable gift for any athlete or injured individual.

When I was first referred to you I was a bit desperate and willing to try anything. A former athlete, Coach of a prestigious gymnastics facility, and most importantly mother of an injured child I too was skeptical at first. I had helplessly watched my daughter go through the ringer of physical therapy, re-injury, pain and lots of wasted time and money on my end. I was told you were a bit of a "miracle worker", getting kids pain free and back into their sport in half the traditional time. And that is when we were introduced to the electric stim machine or the ARP.

Many parents such as me ask questions on how this machine can help their son or daughter.  When they hear electric stimulation they assume that it is the 'usual' electrical stimulation you can get in any therapy office. But it is not! The ARP machine, along with many other treatments that were provided in your office are very different and extremely effective.  It was very different than conventional physical therapy. Most importantly it worked!

I am very grateful for your treatments and the program that that will help ensure my daughter from becoming re-injured. I hope that my testimonial will help provide some assurance to those who are seeking a better form of physical therapy or an alternative to an unnecessary surgery. 
Again, thank you."

- Lynnann Perry

Treating with the ARP

"I am the Head Golf Professional at Fox Hill Country Club. I have been a patient of  Dr. Conway's for many years. Over the past 2 years, I have been struggling with a very bad back problem. Along with Dr. Conway's knowledge of sports medicine, this ARP machine has done wonders for me and my back problem. I just want to take this time to thank Dr. Conway."

- Fran Hayes, Golf Pro: Fox Hill Country Club

Gymnastic Injuries

"Our daughter has been doing competitive gymnastics for the past 5 years, practicing for up to 20 hours per week.  Close to 2 years ago, she badly sprained her ankle and worked with the injury for close to a year before getting referred to the Conway Clinic.  While skeptical of driving over an hour for a doctor appointment, we decided to give it a try after depleting other remedies with no luck (rest, ice, STIM machines). 

After providing 10 sessions with the ARP machine, our daughter was back tumbling in the gym with no pain at all and with no setbacks.  6 months later, she pulled her hamstring.  With no hesitation, we immediately called the Conway Clinic and began therapy on the ARP machine.  Once again, after the 10 sessions, she was working 100% in the gym, fully recovered.  Both of us and our, now 11-year-old, daughter has full faith in the clinic and she even recommends it to her teammates!"

- Jeff Kressley

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I took a shot to my knee that caused my MCL to tear. I went to see Dr. Conway two days after it happened and he had me at full range of motion within three hours. Even through words I can't quite explain how much Dr. Conway's treatments have helped me. There is nothing like it anywhere else. He is the REAL DEAL!"
    Justin Sands Phoenix, AZ

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