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Your First Visit

What to Expect During Your First Visit

Preparing for Your Appointment

We know that visiting the doctor can sometimes be nerve racking for some patients. With this in mind we have broken down your first visit into sections so you can understand what to expect from your first visit to Conway Clinic.

  • Complete your New Patient Registration

  • Get any diagnostic imaging reports or images you want Dr. Conway to review. You can call any facility or doctor's office to request that they fax a copy of your report to our office. Our fax number is:  570-287-5575

What to Bring With You

When you come for your first visit please bring your insurance card, any X-Ray/MRI reports or images that pertain to your pain/injury. We know that insurance benefits can be confusing so we will do our best to verify your chiropractic benefits and give you an explanation of your coverage*. If you would like to check the list of insurance plans we participate with please visit our Insurance page.

Also, we do not require patients to wear medical gowns, so please feel free to bring any activewear or loose clothing you are comfortable wearing if the doctor is examining any of the following areas: knee, thigh, groin, hip, shoulder.

*Please understand that every insurance plan is different and when we check on your benefits the information we receive should be considered a guideline for the way your insurance will process your claims. Since you hold the policy, you truly have the best access to information about your plan. We encourage you to check on your benefits by calling the customer service line for the most accurate information possible.

Examination & Findings

As a part of your examination Dr. Conway to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, as well as potential treatment options.

Your first visit is designed for Dr. Malcolm Conway to learn more about your history, current condition and your expectations to determine what he can do to get you out of pain, now.

Unlike other doctors examinations you do not have to change, or remove clothing for your initial evaluation. Dr. Conway then goes through a unique multi-point structural, neurological, orthopedic, and physical examination to pinpoint the exact nature of the imbalance and pain.

After your examination Dr. Conway will discuss your exam findings. I'm sure the biggest question on your mind is, "so, can you help me?" 

Dr. Conway will let you know what he can do for you and will explain in detail his plan for your treatment. Due to the unique nature of every patient Dr. Conway does not necessarily treat or adjust you on your initial visit, and as always, treatment will never begin without your full consent. 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I took a shot to my knee that caused my MCL to tear. I went to see Dr. Conway two days after it happened and he had me at full range of motion within three hours. Even through words I can't quite explain how much Dr. Conway's treatments have helped me. There is nothing like it anywhere else. He is the REAL DEAL!"
    Justin Sands Phoenix, AZ

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