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Sports Preformance Training

Dr. Conway's professional career has been a relentless pursuit of faster andmore efficient treatments to get his patients out of pain.

Now, he has expanded on that philosophy and created a sports training program to teach athletes how they can excel in any sport.

From football to field hockey Dr. Conway understands what is needed to become faster, stronger, and more explosive. Dr. Conway believes that there is no such thing as a bad athlete. He feels that any athlete who is given the proper instruction to develop their bodies correctly can achieve heights previously unimaginable.

Located inside the Conway Clinic, Dr. Conway and his staff individually train athletes of all sports to increase their speed, strength, explosion, and ultimately increase their rate of recovery.

Dr. Conway knows that the one-size-fits-all training that other fitness centers provide just doesn't work.

One thing that we found out through our research is that developing big muscle means just one thing - big muscles, the individual must develop their body as a whole to become an athlete.   - Dr. Conway

Professional athletes make it their business to find the edge that will take their fitness to the next level, and many pro's have turned to Dr. Conway for that reason.

Our philosophy is to develop your body to meet the demands of your particular sport…not the other way around. You can’t run as fast as possible thinking you’re going to stop on a dime, or change direction on a dime, if your body won’t allow you to do so in the first place.

If the muscles are prepared properly you will be able to do what you want when you want to do it. We will develop your body to meet those demands before you even step one foot on the field of play. We create athletes…not gym rats.

We train male and female athletes from the middle school, to high school – from college, to the pro's. Neither age, nor ability matter, if you’re willing to work we’re willing to get you were you want to go. We base our system not on the size of your muscles, but on the size of your heart and the willingness to succeed.

This type of training will quite honestly be the hardest thing you’ve ever attempted in training for your sport. But when it is all said and done, you will see your body begin to transform, and your performance will increase in unparalleled ways; your speed, strength, and explosion will all be noticeably stronger. This is why we only want athletes who have a burning desire to become a superior athlete

Here’s How It Works:

Every single athlete interested in training at Conway Clinic will be examined by Dr. Conway to make sure that there are no current restrictions or chronic injuries that need to be corrected prior to starting the program. Why? Simple, if these restrictions are left untreated the athletes can potentially strengthen their weaknesses while training; potentially leaving the athlete susceptible to future injury.

After discussing the athlete’s respective sport, and goals they will be able to get started.

Dr. Conway personally designs each daily training session specifically for each athlete to maximize performance. Every training session is attended by a member of our staff, in order to insure proper form as well as to chart your progress.

If you want to learn how to become a "real" athletes we will teach you the following:

  •     Learn to Activate the Correct Muscles
  •     Properly Turn-on Muscles, Integrate Proper Activation Into Correct Motor Patterns
  •     Develop Muscular Endurance Within the New Motor Pattern
  •     Teach Muscles How to Properly Absorb Force
  •     Teach Muscles How to Produce Explosive Force 

Each athlete will be taught the importance of proper nutrition, hydration, and rest. It’s the job of the athlete, not the parents, to take personal responsibility for their improvement. We will give you the tools to build an incredibly athletic body. You have to bring the desire and the passion to become great.

You must be in full command of your body before you can think of attempting to overpower your competition. The goal of our training program is to offer you every chance to develop an elite athletic body. At Conway Clinic you will train hard, and find out what it feels like to be in 100% full command your body.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I took a shot to my knee that caused my MCL to tear. I went to see Dr. Conway two days after it happened and he had me at full range of motion within three hours. Even through words I can't quite explain how much Dr. Conway's treatments have helped me. There is nothing like it anywhere else. He is the REAL DEAL!"
    Justin Sands Phoenix, AZ

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